Sounds like someone has 3hunnid sticks up his ass.

Eric is the manager at a Chick-fil-A, and according to redditor Mausar, he got fed up with the way his employees spoke and posted the list above of banned words. This list made me feel old as the hills; I think I understood the term "bae" and the reference to Ebola (good to know today's youth are staying up to date on current events!). 

I did manage to find out what a few of these phrases mean using the resourcefulness and ability to google that come with age! Mausar explains "I'm legally blind" is a reference to this video. Apparently 0-100 is a reference to this Drake song. "About a week ago"? Comes from this song. Here's the clip from the movie Friday that explains the phrase "Bye Felicia." "On fleek"? Here, in this important Vine about eyebrows.

Sources: redditor Mausar