Half-marathon runner passes time on her run by taking selfies with hot guys.

Half-marathon runner passes time on her run by taking selfies with hot guys.


I would run more half-marathons if I knew it was judged on appearance instead of time.
(via Kelly Roberts on Instagram)

New Yorker Kelly Roberts ran a half marathon this weekend, and like many people she wanted a way to stay motivated during the run. She had the usual friends with signs cheering her on, but Kelly also added something different that got her in the national spotlight: she took a selfie with a hot guy in the background for each of the 13 miles on her course. While taking photos with attractive people in the background isn't exactly difficult in New York City, doing so while trying to maintain your composure during a long race is really hard, and results in some wonderful new selfie faces that can only be achieved while out of breath.


"I'm just going to walk for a second. It's not like anyone will ever see this moment in my life."  (via)


Do he got that brow sweat? He dooooo. (via)


Move over, duck-face. Pucker-mouth is all the rage now. (via)


Kelly is not afraid of letting her more specific preferences be known. (via)


"I knew if I held out through enough decades, ladies would come flocking back to the short shorts."


"God dammit, can't I run one race without showing up in a hot guys list?" (via)



Hot dad + moving camera-phone glitches = The Human Torch at 50. (via)


This guy has no idea he's already won this race. (via)


That classic finish-line teeth-lick. (via)

So, if you're looking for a motivation to run, consider doing it for the pictures of you with hot, in-shape people, proving that you're one of them. Also, national fame. That too.

Check out the rest of the race photos on Kelly's Instagram.

(by Johnny McNulty)