An 8-bit run. (via)

This is a game-changer! Not only could this revolutionize the tedious, painful monotony that is amateur running, it could create an entirely new avenue for artistic expression. Most importantly, it could help save all of our Facebook feeds from the daily stream of pointless "here's my run!" posts from friends who enjoy nothing more than letting everyone know they're "attacking the day" while the rest of us are reading about dogs taking showers and guys texting their girlfriends while tripping on mushrooms. We get it, you're better than us!


Claire Wyckoff was as bored with running as the rest of us. However, instead of doing the sensible thing and quitting, she decided to get creative, and began using her Nike+ running app to draw pictures.

Her first effort was a crude drawing of a Corgi.

The drawing wasn't very good, but it lit a fire in Claire, who saw the potential in combining athletic achievement with humor. Which, of course, led to dick pics.

Her first attempt came with the brilliantly simple caption, "Today's run was hard." Yes!


The next she called "Gandalf," because "it's long and hooded."

After a failed attempt at drawing George Washington, she returned to her roots to honor Theon Grayjoy.

This brilliant middle finger is called "Fuck Cancer."


After getting requests for more penis, Claire ran out this hairy one "for the fans," who she says "are like jockstraps: mostly white and really supportive."

Bravo. Running is hard, but creating works of art is even harder. You can see more of Claire's drawings on her Instagram page.

(by Jonathan Corbett)

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