Good news! When Ryan Gosling's cell phone beeps in the middle of an interview, he's not a dick about it.

Oh, Ryan Gosling, that dancing, cereal-avoiding man. Can he do any wrong?

Well, he can do a tiny bit of wrong, because he forgot to mute his cell phone before starting this interview on BBC Morning. But he was an apologetic gentleman about it, just as you'd want Ryan Gosling to be. He didn't even look at the phone, even when interviewer Charlie Stayt says "Is it important? You don't know. It could've been the big one!" Which, incidentally, is kind of a hilarious thing to say to a man who has starred in several films and is now directing one. What kind of call counts as "the big one" at this point in Gosling's career? James Cameron asking Ryan if he wants to go putter around in the Mariana Trench on a bottom-of-the-ocean bros date?

Sources: People