After a night and day of horror and loss in Charleston, SC, "The Daily Show" aired, and there was nothing funny to say.

The Daily Show has made me laugh for many years. I'm not even a rabid fan! At times, I think the show makes very difficult issues so palatable that people digest and forget them, feeling as though they've taken action just by watching. But sometimes laughing about those difficult issues can help people engage with them more.

In a heartfelt monologue, Jon Stewart spoke to his audience about why he didn't want to make anyone laugh. After a racist white gunman opened fire on 9 black members of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, what is there to say that we can smile about? Outlets like Fox have tried to spin the massacre as a war on Christians, refusing to acknowledge it as the racist hate crime it is. The Daily Show may be largely satirical, but last night Stewart told the honest truth:

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