Police arrested a man in Chicago who robbed a Subway and crossed the street to dine at Potbelly.

Frederick Warren likes sandwiches, but not just any sandwiches.
(Google Maps; Chicago Police Department via DNAinfo)

According to Chicago police, witnesses saw Fredrick Warren rob a Subway sandwich shop in Rogers Park at knifepoint. A Loyola University Police surveillance video showed Warren leaving Subway and entering Potbelly across the street. Officers found Warren in Potbelly, enjoying his meal directly funded by Subway's profits, and arrested him for armed robbery.

Perhaps Warren thinks Subway sandwiches are utterly disgusting and Potbelly are the tops, and he was re-fueling before robbing all the Subways in town. Maybe he secretly loves Subway and it was all an elaborate plan to make Subway jealous of his hot new meal piece, Potbelly. The most likely scenario is that Warren falls into the category of criminal whose overabundant confidence leads to their downfall.

Sources: DNAinfo