Social media blog Skout shares a study about the relationship between eating melted cheese and getting the business for National Grilled Cheese Day.

Mmmmmmm. Sex. (via Thinkstock)

Since everything on the planet gets a national holiday now we need more and more incentive to give a sh*t. Skout, which appears to be a cross between Tinder and your mom's food blog, recently posted the results of a survey of their users on the subject of a grilled cheese sandwich, just in time for its special day. Here are the tasty results:

(via Skout)

The Internet being what it is, most focus is on the fact that people who eat grilled cheese get more sex. Duh! If you can get down with that gooey, salty mess then you can enjoy a grilled cheese sandwich. The L.A. Times broke down the results:

Sources: Klout | h/t UpRoxx