"You don't understand. I was going as a basketball player. So I HAD to be black."

It's amazing what people don't think. For instance, it's not surprising that Dov Hikind thought he wanted to be an influential and prominent member of his community — and probably had aspirations of being a national figure — and yet he gave no thought to whether a career in public office ruled out showing up to costume parties in something that would get you fired from McDonald's if it showed up on Facebook. His first response was to call criticism of his decision "political correctness to the absurd" before finally realizing he was an idiot, at which point he gave the classic "anyone who was offended, I am sorry that they were offended" non-apology apology. He says Purim (a Jewish holiday) is a chance to dress up, which means even in an offensive costume because Jewish people have never been caricatured in offensive or demeaning ways.

Sources: CNN