A woman had her son fake-arrested to teach him a lesson about being disrespectful.

The Avengers would not be happy with his behavior. (via wrbl)

Chiquita Hill of Columbus, Georgia is a one-woman Scared Straight program. She was concerned about her son's behavior; he was acting out in school and refusing to do his homework. Hill worries that as he gets older, his disrespect of authority figures could lead him down a dangerous path. She believes being "disrespectful at any age to anyone, now, could get you killed." Although Hill did not say this, an accurate addendum to that sentence could be "by cops."

When the police arrived, the officers spoke to Hill about the details of her son's impending mock-arrest to make sure she was cool with it. Shortly after, the cops entered the house, handcuffed her 10-year-old son and put him in the back of the squad car for ten minutes. Guess what? He did not like it.

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