A French Muslim teenager's long skirt was seen as a violation of the law against religious clothing in school.

Like this but less green. (stock photo)

Schools these days are going to crap. Girls walking around in long, shapeless skirts, flaunting their religious beliefs for everyone to see… When I was in high school, the girls would come in every day wearing plunging necklines and miniskirts, and I was thankful. I didn't know what religion they were, and I didn't care. That was a simpler time.

In recent years, the subject of school dress codes has become increasingly heated in France. That's because in 2004, the country passed a strict secularity law banning students from wearing any conspicuous religious symbols or garments to schools. That includes veils, burqas, yarmulkes, large crosses, Jedi robes… all of it. Discreet religious symbols are allowed, but that's up to the discretion of the school. This law has of course been controversial, but now a particular incident has many French people up in arms.

Sources: France 24 | L'Ardennais