Jason Alexander really regrets talking shit on "Howard Stern" this week.

In better times. (via NBC)

My mother always said, don't say anything behind someone's back if you wouldn't say it to their face. This is, of course, impossible. Especially if you're a celebrity and everyone loves the show you were on and wants to hear all the hot gossip about it, constantly. Rumors swirled for years about why Heidi Swedberg's character Susan was so unceremoniously killed off during the season 7 finale, licking cheap wedding invitation glue, and some of those rumors were kinda nasty.

Yesterday, Jason Alexander tried to clarify on Howard Stern that she wasn't killed/fired because she was terrible, they just lacked chemistry. It's an old story and I guess one people have heard before, but it took off again like wildfire. Guess people still really miss Seinfeld?

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