One Imgur user says he's still proud of his sister, who was suspended two years ago after turning in this handout at school.

She should do marketing for a condom company. (via Imgur)

This is a perfect example of a kid being too smart for her own good. Looking at it objectively, she aced this assignment. The point of this quiz is evidently to provide convincing responses to a sex partner who doesn't want to use a condom, and that's exactly what she did. Speaking as a man, if a woman I were with said any of these things to me, I would shut up immediately and do whatever she wanted.

This girl should have been celebrated in the whole class, but instead she was suspended. Why? Because of a couple of f-bombs? That just shows her commitment to the idea. This is what's wrong with our education system: kids who go above and beyond are punished for their creativity instead of rewarded. Before she just didn't give a fuck about men's embarrassment. Now she won't give a fuck about school.

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