Dutch schools celebrate "Spring Fever" week, educating primary school students on sexuality.

Students in the Netherlands start sex education classes early. Kindergarten students learn about self-image and affection. 11-year-old students discuss contraceptives and sexual orientations. And yet, with all this education about sexuality, the Netherlands has the world's lowest rate of teen pregnancy.

Dutch teens also report that their first sexual experiences are "wanted and fun." Compare that with the United States, where 66% of sexually active young people say they wish they had waited longer before their first sexual experience.

Why are American kids jumping into sexual experiences before they are ready? Sex education in the United States is primarily focused on the perfunctory messages of the risk of pregnancy and the prevention of STDs. It turns the wonderful feelings of love and sexiness into science class. That's if your state or city allow sex education at all. A few states focus on abstinence-only education.

Sources: PBS