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15 divorcees dish the delightfully depressing moment they knew their wives were cheating.

15 divorcees dish the delightfully depressing moment they knew their wives were cheating.


Drama is best at a distance, but it's the best.

Maury, Springer, Phil—whoever's on your personal Mount Rushmore of trashy cheating drama, it's delightful in a cringing, thank-god-that's-not-me, craning-to-see-a-car-wreck type of way.

So read this list of men discovering their wives cheated on them—culled from an even more depressing Reddit list about divorce—and take solace in the fact that the following dudes are free now.

These were the moments that busted them out of dodge.

1. DrSugar realized she was too good a friend, to his friends.

When my buddies approached me to complain that she kept sitting on their laps, wiggling, and hoping for an erection.

2. OyeYouDer has technology to break his heart.

15 years in, and I find texts on her phone. Completely blindsided... No clue she had it in her to cheat. Told me it was just texting. Begged for forgiveness. I caved.

A month later, checked the phone bill to find that it never stopped. Confronted her again... Cue more begging and more denial on my part that she would let the life we had built go down in flames.

This went on for a few months. So many promises.

One night, I caught her on the phone when she thought I had left. Suddenly it's not just texts. Sometimes it was phone calls too... Just a friend she could talk to that she let things go too far with. Promised to break all contact. Swore it was never physical.

Then I found emails. She detailed things that made me sick to read... But also included descriptions of his house. She broke finally, but swore it was all just in the line of duty. That's how she met, you see? Visiting nurse service, and this guy was a client. Promised she was done. Loved me, you see? No chance she was going to let 15 years go like that.

I wasn't buying it anymore though. She announced she was going out one night with a work friend. Promised they were only going to the bar, then she'd be home. Maybe late, but not too late. She had taken over her own phone account by then, but wasn't bright enough to understand that Google Latitude was still showing me where she was, and I wasn't about to show my hand.

She kissed me goodbye and bee-lined right for his house, and was there until the wee hours of the morning. Once I knew where she had headed, I called her dad and my best friend to keep me from doing anything dumb.

I will love them both forever for keeping me calm while my world went fucking insane all around me. My father in law offered to stay with the kids and wait for her to get home. Around 3am, while couch surfing my buddy's place, she sent me a nasty text asking where the fuck I thought I was.

I texted her a screenshot of her little GPS dot at her boyfriend's and let her know I'd be sending her some paperwork soon.

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