A company called PinkBox is launching a sex toy vending machine in Philadelphia, and of course the local Fox affiliate did a story on it. A very blurry story.

This is a shot of the sex toy vending machine. Or it might be a really close up picture of cheese that's gone bad. I'm not sure. (via My Fox Philly)

Philadelphia is the lucky city getting North America's very first* sex toy vending machine, PinkBox. So of course, the local affiliate of super sex-positive Fox network sent their weekend reporter, Bill Anderson, out (because sex toys are for the WEEKEND) to learn about "the first adult sex toy vending machine."** What did Anderson find? A large, blurry box.

First of all, here's a real picture of the PinkBox, taken during the Fox 29 interview by sex educator Dr. Timaree Schmit, who's curating the box's contents to ensure that all of the products are safe, sex-positive, and generally excellent:

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