More like ane-sleazy-ologist. (via Facebook)

As if going into surgery isn't scary enough, make sure whoever is monitoring your vitals understands that that is not a euphemism. 

According to the Washington Post, Arthur K. Zilberstein, a Seattle anesthesiologist, had his license suspended after he was accused of "compromising patient safety by being preoccupied with sexual matters." Mostly, he was sending tons of texts with "sexual innuendo" (read: sexts) during surgeries where he should have been focused on keeping the patient alive.  One of his texts was a picture of himself with his junk hanging out of his scrubs --sent to another patient. Another time, while monitoring a cesarian section, he texted "Hella busy with c-sections." 

What kind of women wants to sleep with a 47-year-old who says "hella?" Maybe a drugged one? He also authorized at least 29 prescriptions outside of his medical practice, which means there are at least 29 people disappointed about his suspended license. Now paging Dr. Feelgood.

Aside from the sexting and the dick pics and the general disregard for human life, Zilberstein has also been accused of accessing images in medical records for "sexual gratification." It isn't said what the images were, so we will just have to assume he's jacking it to x-rays of people with stuff stuck in their butts.  

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