Nothing like a relaxing hot soak in a pool of human excretions.

Looks...foggy. (via

Fudo no Yu, a Japanese outdoor bath/hot spring known as an onsen, was popular for its mixed bathing. Too popular. Footage appeared online of bathers using it repeatedly for orgies. They really liked to mix it up, you see.

I get it. Hot springs are sexy as hell. First of all, it's hot. There's steam. Everyone is all languid and relaxed. You're very aware of your body immersed in warm water with other bodies. If you manage not to urinate it can be a very sensual experience. However, we're all adults here and unless you own the hot spring, just store up all that sexual energy for when you're some place it's okay to orgasm all over. Like your own bed. Or bath tub, if you must.

Sources: The Guardian | h/t Cosmopolitan