The high life. (via)

Big week for sheep. A few days ago a "the world's wooliest sheep" was discovered in New Zealand, and now Winter the bouncing lamb has become a Vine sensation.

Shannen Hussein runs the account, and appears to have live the life you'd dream about if you fell asleep while watching Babe and eating ice cream. She records ducklings, baby rabbits and other goofy creatures, but the breakout star is clearly Winter--the lamb that bounces around her house as if he somehow understands how ridiculously good he has it for an animal usually associated with stews and kebabs.

He even runs out to greet her when she gets home.

Here's one of Winter at a day old in honor of Throwback Thursday.

If you'd like to pretend to work while watching more of Shannen's Vines, go here.

(by Jonathan Corbett)


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