Because when you think "Microsoft" you think "deep sea dives."

Do billionaires have yachts? That's like asking, "Will Kim Kardashian Instagram her cleavage more?" The answer is yes, always and forever, until the end of days.

But Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen's mega-yacht, named Octopus, is a little different than the pleasure cruisers that most billionaires have—it's a high-tech research ship. . And this week, Allen and his team finally found the Musashi, a Japanese battleship that's been missing since 1944. Allen and his team have spent the last eight years trying to find the ship, which was at one time the largest battleship ever built.

Paul Allen's yacht also played a part in James Cameron's Marina Trench dive, which leads me to ask: should we be concerned about how many of our rich people are interested in heading to the bottom of the ocean? Do they have a secret rich people's club down there? Are there fish waiters delivering drinks and squid with canapés presented on each tentacle?! I have never wanted to be rich and underwater more than right now.