Why do our exes' birthdays make us feel like we have to do something? Maybe we feel a sense of obligation to continue the charade of post-relationship friendship. Maybe birthdays make us reflect on how quickly life is passing us by and regret all the horrible things we never got to say. Maybe we just want to ruin our ex's day by reminding him we exist. Maybe we think this would be an excellent opportunity to get laid.


Or maybe it's a little of all of those that drives us to choose one of these 7 options for reaching out to your ex-boyfriend on his birthday:

1. The casual text.

The goal: Prove you're over him.

The ideal casual birthday text should be so breezy it hurts. The emotional implication of your one-sentence, abbreviation-filled text message is that you barely even remember being in a relationship with this person. It could be anyone's birthday today—an old college acquaintance, an elderly aunt, your UPS guy—and you'd be equally pumped for them.