There's too much purchasable stuff to choose from during the holidays, so we're here to help. This selection of 10 Someecards gifts you can totally grab from Amazon right now will take care of your shopping list in one fell swoop. Unless you know more than ten people, but that's crazy.

Take a look...

1. The pint glass that lets people know how functional you are. (Buy it)

2. Greeting cards to remind loved ones that you're the funny one in the family. (Buy it)


3. The desktop calendar that will make 2015 way more tolerable than 2014. (Buy it)

4. The coffee mug that says what you're feeling all day, every day. (Buy it)

5. The Someecards book of cards that you can tear out and hang wherever it's legal to do so! (Buy it)


6. A selection of Someecards drink coasters to absorb your drink condensation with delightful quips! (Buy it)

7. Someecards Mad Libs. Finally, two great tastes that make a great gift together. (Buy it)

8. A planner that will make you look like you actually have plans with others in 2015. (Buy it)


9. A travel cup to bring Someecards wherever you satisfy your coffee addiction. (Buy it)

10. And of course, the least thoughtful and most desired gift of all...the gift card! (Buy it)