What's the sign for "I'm a fraud"? Oh that's right, you have no idea. (Getty)

We've all watched someone speaking sign language and thought (incorrectly), "I could do that." But few of us would have the balls to actually get up on stage during a massive, internationally televised event and pretend to sign

Well, a lack of balls is clearly not a problem for the unidentified man to the right of Obama in the photo above, taken during Nelson Mandela's memorial service. He signed throughout the speeches of Obama and others, and now it appears he was faking it. The national director of the Deaf Federation of South Africa says the man was not signing in South African or English, and that his movements were so random it's impossible he was signing in any other language. He also did not use facial expression to convey meaning, an important aspect of sign language.

Sources: Associated Press | h/t Slate