The Kloons are back with their 'Sisters' webseries, but this time the ladies aren't the only stars involved.

You may remember our previous coverage of Sisters, the hilarious webseries from sketch group The Kloons. In these videos, Kloons member Nik Kazoura records his mother and aunt having normal conversations, and then the Kloons act them out, not even bothering to shave their beards beforehand. The series has gone viral, with millions of people charmed by the voices of these adorable ladies, and the faces of these scruffy dudes.

In fact, even Keith Richards and Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones saw it, and fell in love themselves. Maybe the sisters reminded them of their fans from when they first got famous (they're in the right age bracket). Regardless of the reason, they reached out to the Kloons for a collaboration, and this spectacular video was born. Make sure you watch to the end for the very special cameo. Let's just say it will give you… shelter. It will get off… your cloud. It's under… your thumb. Etc.

Sources: The Kloons