The son (middle) in a photo posted by the Peruvian government in order to make his Mom chill the eff out.

Helicopter parenting has their new high priestess. Francine Fitzgerald did everything but pilot her own helicopter in an effort to track down her son, Garrett Hand, when he stopped posting updates on Facebook midway through his four-month bike trip across South America with his girlfriend, Jamie Neal. Though the twenty-five-year-old, who hails from San Francisco (duh, look at the photo) planned from the beginning to be traveling in Amazon villages without electricity, wifi, or a decent 4G signal, his Mom still flipped out when he stopped posting photos from his trip. So she got on the phone and Mom'd the Peruvian authorities until they launched a country-wide search for Hand and Neal (and, we guess, their shrooms dealer based on this photo). 

Sources: CNN | Gawker