Ever try de-boning a parakeet?

Probably would not eat any kind of meat out of a wagon like this. (via NPR, photo by Maarten van Cleef photography)

The Kitchen of Unwanted Animals sounds like a children's movie about a bunch of plucky orphaned cats and dogs who pull together and open a creperie, but it's actually the name of this food truck that sells horse meat.

Rob Hagenouw and Nicolle Schatborn, from the dangerously progressive city of Amsterdam, conceived of the idea while considering the problem of Canada Geese. About 40,000 geese are shot annually to keep them from flying directly into your airplane's jets. They just love airplanes! That's a lot of dead geese and they get thrown away. Hagenouw and Schatborn thought, hey, let's do something with all this free meat. Geese croquettes. BOOM.

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