An argument at a Tim Hortons caused a customer to throw a snake at an employee.

An argument at a Tim Hortons caused a customer to throw a snake at an employee.


A snake in the pants is worth two in the bush. (Via Getty Images)

A man with a snake in his pants/ lets another grab it with his hands....

No, this isn't the start of a dirty limerick, this is the true story of how two customers handled their frustrations at a Tim Hortons.

According to the Calgary Herald, two 20-year-olds got into an argument with a Tim Horton's employee in Saskatoon because they were refused diced onions on the their breakfast sandwiches. The argument got heated, and in a moment of sheer surreality, one of the men grabbed a snake out of the other man's pants pocket and threw it at the employee.

Saskatoon police spokeswoman Alyson Edwards said that "the staff was shocked and afraid and fled the store."


Officers later found the snake and determined it was not venomous, but I still don't blame the employees for running out and screaming. I'd be less afraid of a tiny garter snake than the psychopaths who thought to fling it.

Who are these lunatics? Who walks around with a literal snake in their pocket? Does he usually keep it there as a joke for when he hits on women? Did they not have any attachment to their pet if they were willing to throw it into a fry kitchen? On what planet would someone want to trade a snake for diced onions?


Unfortunately we may never get satisfactory answers about these boys, although they are facing charges of mischief and causing a disturbance.

The snake is being kept in a temporary home until it can be released in the wild in the spring.

A man with a snake in his pants/
let another grab it with his hands/
They threw the poor thing/
to make everyone scream/
all because they had run out of rants.

(by Myka Fox)