13 people and 1 animal who had way more fun than you during the 2016 blizzard.

13 people and 1 animal who had way more fun than you during the 2016 blizzard.

Apparently, not everyone stayed inside and got drunk while watching The Great British Bake Off during Winter Storm Jonas. Some people actually braved the elements. These people are either stupid or the kind of heroes there will be legends and songs about someday. Here are some of their stories.

1. The man who did this for some reason.

2. The dancers in the street.


3. This hero who went after the scourge of New York City: NYU students.

NYU kids were dancing and singing the Katy Perry song, "Firework" in Washington Square Park. A dude who was drinking beer nearby decided he'd had enough. #blizzard2016

Posted by Ying Ying Li on Saturday, January 23, 2016

4. The dinosaur who came back from extinction. 

5. The guy who snowboarded down his DC street.

snowboarding on my street because there was so much snow on my street you could snowboard on it

Posted by Charles Danan on Sunday, January 24, 2016

6. The woman who convinced her husband to dress up like Death in the snow. 


7. The guy who made a romantic snow fort for his girlfriend.


8. The woman who started hallucinating.

9. The cops who started playing football.

Finally, a ​heartwarming story of police tackling someone.

10. The person who tried to AirBnB their NYC snow fort.


11. Steven Tyler.

12. These assholes.

13. The woman who literally dived into a snowbank.

It was a trend.

14. The happiest panda in the world.