35 things you probably didn't know about Shailene Woodley.

35 things you probably didn't know about Shailene Woodley.

By Dan Abromowitz and Brendan O'Hare

From oil pulling to once-a-month shampooing, actress Shailene Woodley has been grabbing headlines for her offbeat, au natural lifestyle. The star of Divergent and the upcoming The Fault in Our Stars has spoken in interviews about the detoxifying benefits of eating claythe restorative effects of sunbathing her vagina, and how everything she owns can fit in a suitcase, but here are some tidbits you may not know about America's crunchiest sweetheart:

  1. She once swallowed a live sparrow so it could nest in her heart and teach her birdsong.
  2. She starts every day off with twelve hours of deep breathing.
  3. As a young girl, she spied a river-nymph at play and crept up on her and held her fast by her foamy curls until she spilled her stunning secrets to all-natural, makeup-free beauty.
  4. She refuses to comb her hair with anything but easterly breezes.
  5. Her daily diet is 70 percent witch-hazel and 30 percent tales.
  6. Her first role, at age 7, was as a caterpillar. She was subsequently offered the part of a butterfly but turned it down to focus on kissing her herb garden.
  7. She still can't drive a car, since when she comes too close to gasoline it turns into a sparkling dew.
  8. Before becoming an actor, Woodley considered attending NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study to study magic eye pictures.
  9. On set, she's been known to carry around a doeskin satchel of moss to whisper snatches of poetry and gossip to in between shots.
  10. She is classified by the National Park Service as a protected marsh.
  11. Her aura is strong enough to overload most airport metal detectors.
  12. Her mother was a small patch of shade.
  13. Her favorite band is wind chimes. Her favorite movie is wind chimes. Her favorite book is "wikiHow - Build Your Own Wind Chimes." Her favorite combination franchise is Baskin-Robbins/Dunkin' Donuts.
  14. Not having been raised religious, the only holidays she celebrates are the solstices, the equinoxes, and her compost pile's birthday.
  15. She’s had five animal trainers fired on five different shoots for curtailing animal freedoms.
  16. She's frightened of rats because of their limitless potential.
  17. She once woke up at midnight to find the ghost of an old Polish woman standing over her, cooing folk remedies and plaiting her hair. She wore the results to the VMAs.
  18. On set, she is known to walk around in character as a 17th century French orphan boy.
  19. She learned about the merits of a soul-cleansing primal scream from a screaming man on the street.
  20. If she had been born a boy, her parents would have named her the boy version of Shailene, "Bleggitybluggus."
  21. When she feels a sneeze coming on, any nearby leaves swirl around her legs.
  22. According to her birth certificate, she is a daydream.
  23. She makes her own ice out of Himalayan salt and loam.
  24. She hasn’t intentionally defecated since 2010.
  25. She doesn’t breathe out of her mouth or nose.
  26. During the filming of Divergent, she lapsed into a brief coma after learning that aquariums are a thing.
  27. Her Halloween costume from ages 7-13 was brightness.
  28. Her dream role would be to work with Steven Spielberg as a floating celestial orb.
  29. She swears by swallowing shards of volcanic glass as a miracle cure for dog autism.
  30. Instead of wearing sunscreen, she's trained her body to photosynthesize.
  31. Until she turned 18, she wasn't allowed to say the word "crime."
  32. Every piece of jewelry she wears she has at one time or another been lost at sea and found again years later in the belly of a fish with shimmering scales.
  33. Nickelodeon's popular animated series The Wild Thornberrys was largely based on her experiences as a chimpanzee in a tanktop.
  34. Her workout routine is an hour of fluttering, followed by a cooldown bath in a ceramic tub of Elizabeth Gilbert books.
  35. Woodley says the weirdest thing about her is her continued, adamant support of the Iraq War.

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