5 GIFs that perfectly explain July 26, 2016.

5 GIFs that perfectly explain July 26, 2016.

1. Michelle Obama blowing kisses at the DNC

FLOTUS killed it Monday night at the Democratic National Convention with an emotional speech that had the convention crowd cheering and Twitter gushing. Four more years of Michelle, please.


2. Bernie bros and Hillary fans yelling their support of their respective beaus

The other big story of the DNC's opening night was the visible division between die-hard supporters of Bernie and everyone else. Even former Bernie supporter Sarah Silverman said "you're being ridiculous."

3. Justin Timberlake getting slapped by a fan

A fan was arrested after smacking Justin Timberlake in the face Saturday at the American Century Celebrity Pro-Am in Lake Tahoe. Luckily, the overzealous fan was immediately punished by the look of disappointment and anger in JT's smoldering eyes.

4. An iPhone crashing to the floor

If you've got a broken iPhone screen, but you were planning to replace it when the new phones come out in September, you may have to wait a little longer. Apple may be waiting until the iPhone's 10th anniversary in 2017 to make the release seem bigger, fancier, and better, even though it's basically the same thing.


5. Putin laughing and laughing and then not

It sounds like a plot line from The Americans, but Russia may actually have been behind the hacking of DNC emails that are making the Dems look bad. Is Putin trying to punish Obama and Clinton? To divide the blue team and ensure his admirer Donald Trump wins? The only thing we know for sure is that both the U.S. and Russia have a whole bunch of nuclear weapons.