5. Chris Brown, because his house was robbed and his friends probably did it.

Cheer up, Chris. We all get played sooner or later. (Getty)

Last week, Chris Brown's new house in the San Fernando Valley was burgled while the rapper/abuser/mopeyface was partying at a club. Brown's aunt was in the house at the time, and the intruders stuck a gun in her face, locked her in a closet, and ransacked the house, taking money and valuables. This only thing that could make this worse for Brown is if it turned out the robbers were his friends. And of course they were.

TMZ is reporting that Brown has become convinced members of his close-knit crew were responsible for the robbery. What's more, the police agree with him. And it doesn't stop there. A club promoter was previously implicated, and now the Bloods are believed to be involved. Because of that, a member of the LAPD Gang Unit is investigating the case.