5. Taylor Swift, because she's being sued by a DJ who may or may not have grabbed her butt.

This is what she looks like when she's enraged.
This is what she looks like when she's enraged.

Forget her passing feuds with other pop stars, this time the bad blood is real.

Back in 2013, Denver radio DJ David Mueller, known as "Jackson" to his fan(s), attended a meet-and-greet at a Taylor Swift concert. During a photo op, Swift accused Mueller of lifting up her skirt and grabbing her butt. Swift's security (AKA the Brute Squad) immediately threw Mueller and his girlfriend out of the venue.

But it didn't end there. Swift's team still had the photo from that moment, which they sent back to Mueller's station. Along with a series of calls, that was enough for Mueller, a 20-year radio veteran, to be fired. Now he's suing, claiming that he never touched Swift's bottom. At the center of the debate is the photo, which is now presumably concealed safely in the vault beneath Swift's Squad Headquarters.