5. Johnny Depp, because Team Amber has backed him into a legal corner.

If you thought the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard divorce couldn't get any bitterer, you've got a lot to learn about celebrity divorces. Now, sources connected to Heard's case have told TMZ that they have an ironclad strategy for keeping Depp from taking the stand.

Besides telling him he can't do a dumb accent.
Besides telling him he can't do a dumb accent.
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According to the source, Heard's legal team is convinced that Depp won't testify, because doing so could get him prosecuted for domestic abuse—a fate far worse than losing custody of their globe-trotting dogs in divorce court. Her lawyers are willing to bet he won't even submit a written declaration denying the accusations, because even that could get him in big trouble if not carefully worded. TMZ points out that Mel Gibson (another movie star with some less than charming personality traits) submitted a declaration in his divorce, admitted in the document that he slapped his wife, and was prosecuted. Bill Cosby's current legal troubles also stem from confessions he made in a deposition that he thought would protect him.