1. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin Are Now Apparently Consciously Un-Uncoupling


Just a few months after impressing the world with their enlightened and cosmopolitan decision to "consciously uncouple" from one another, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin appear to be in the process of re-fusing themselves back into the dinner-party-throwing power couple we've all come to love.

2. John Oliver Interviews Stephen Hawking About A Bunch Of Stuff That None Of Us Can Understand

To kick off Last Week Tonight's new "People Who Think Good" series, John Oliver interviewed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. Though much of what Hawking has to say about "imaginary time" and "artificial intelligence" may fly over our heads, he delivers all his quips with an understated dryness that really shows off his comic timing.

3. The World Finally Gets The 'Super Banana' It Needs, If Not The 'Super Banana' It Deserves

A team of Australian genetic engineers are in the process of developing a "super banana," capable of delivering large boosts of Vitamin A to its consumers, potentially saving hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide. It also should be able to contribute to the creation of some really phenomenal smoothies.