If you guessed "going into work while they have diarrhea," you're partially correct!

"I threw up this morning. Now let's talk about that heart surgery." (via Thinkstock)

The next time your doctor asks you to turn your head and cough, he might just be doing it to cover his own hacking. According to a recent survey at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, a huge number of doctors and other medical professionals come to work when they're sick. The survey showed that 83 percent of doctors "had come to work with symptoms like diarrhea, fever and respiratory complaints during the previous year." This is despite 95% of respondents in the same survey thinking that working while sick can put patients at risk. (Also, what's up with the other 5% of doctors, who obviously know how contagious diseases work, being like "Nah, it's cool, bro."?)

Sources: Reuters