Someone broke into Michelle Tietz's bridal suite and took her wallet. Now she's fighting back.

Tietz and her new husband on the happiest/poorest day of their lives.
(via KNSD)

It's every bride's worst nightmare: being robbed on your wedding day. Or is it rain? Or the guy walking out? The cake being late? I'm really not sure; brides have a lot of nightmares. But being robbed is up there.

Michelle Tietz of San Diego lived that nightmare on June 7, her wedding day. Before the ceremony, she left her purse in the bridal suite. Then, while she was busy getting married, someone broke in and stole her wallet. It was so artfully done, she didn't even realize until she and her husband stopped at a gas station the next day. "That's how we started our honeymoon," she told KNSD.

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