Some people think the racial term "Redskins" is an offensive sports team name, because it is.

Team owner Dan Snyder said the team will "NEVER" change its name, probably in a chilling whisper. (via Getty)

Today, a federal judge ordered the cancellation of the Washington Redskins' trademark registrations. That means the court has reaffirmed its original decision that the team name is offensive to Native Americans, so it's not entitled to any trademarks. The team can still be called the "Redskins," for now, but I think we can all see where this is inevitably going.

According to the Washington Post, this was the thinking behind the original decision that was upheld today:

In its ruling last year, the appeal board asserted that "Redskins" offends a large number of Native Americans and is therefore ineligible for trademark registration under the federal Lanham Act, which bars protection for names that "may disparage" or bring people into contempt or disrepute. The board based its vote on several factors, such as that "Redskins" is a dictionary-defined slur and the National Congress of American Indians declared the name racist.
Sources: The Washington Post