A local weatherman was a skeleton this morning.

A local weatherman was a skeleton this morning.


The creepiest precipitation map in the tri-state area. (via WDRB on Twitter)

The weather is a surprisingly big story this Halloween, with parts of the country expecting snow tonight. That dose of cold reality wasn't enough to stop one zany meteorologist from getting his spook on, however: for 364 days a year, Louisville, KY's Fox affiliate WDRB has Jude Redfield for a weather reporter. Once a year, or at least once this year, he magically transforms into Bones Redfield (who has his own hashtag for some reason) for one very creepy morning broadcast.

The video has since been taken down (perhaps because there is normally no reason to keep a weather forecast online), but WDRB did tweet out this behind-the-scenes shot.

Fortunately, BuzzFeed's Ryan Broderick managed to make a Vine and capture some screenshots from the memorable broadcast, which included Redfield's coworker coming up and dropping candy down his bony throat.


"I'm concerned about your weight." (via BuzzFeed)


FYI in case you're not aware, tonight's weather is spookily lame.


They forgot "spine-tinglingly boring." (via Accuweather)


(by Johnny McNulty)