Montana's the friend you never knew smoked.
Probably because they don't want to smoke with you. (via Wonkblog)

The marijuana legalization debate continues to blaze the nation, and the Washington Post's Wonkblog is helping us visualize the argument by showing where, exactly, Americans are the most stoned. This is a map of the percentage of Americans over the age of 12 who have smoked pot in the past month, broken down by state. While some general trends aren't surprising (the Northeast and the West Coast smoke a bit more, along with Colorado), there are some standouts. In particular, Rhode Island blew everyone out of the bong-water, with 13% of all Rhodies over 12 having lit up in the past month, and an astounding 30% of all 12-25 year olds. Listed below are the top ten states overall. If these figures aren't scandalous enough for you, you can check out our map of the biggest secrets every state is hiding.

Sources: Washington Post