Who should really be offended is Mexico. (via)

Recently, the folks at Buzzfeed asked the blokes in their British offices to put down their tea, turn down the Beatles and stop obsessing about the Royal Family for long enough to fill in a map of the United States based purely on stereotypes. They obliged, which isn't surprising, considering that the assignment sounds a whole lot more interesting than writing another article about a potential Spice Girls reunion or how they'll manage to not win the World Cup this time around.

Based on the map's accuracy and the detail of the stereotypes, we might want to add "cheating" to the list of British stereotypes, because accusing them of using Google is preferable to admitting that they're better informed about the United States than our own citizens. They almost got away with it, too, except they got a little too greedy. Pegging Florida for "fucked-up shit," "old people" and "alligators" is one thing, but "Slipknot" for Iowa? "Musicals" for Oklahoma? Not buying it.

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