Six years ago, newscaster Charlie Brooker got fed up with the way TV handles mass shootings. This was his response.

First of all, none of this is to take away from the raw tragedy of what happened in Charleston, S.C. yesterday. It was hate. It was blind, mad, twisted, sick, racist, insane hate. This is not to say it shouldn't be covered. This is to say that the violence itself should not be fetishized. Charlie Brooker tried to get that message out on the BBC six years ago, and sadly, he is one of the few (along with forensic psychologist Park Dietz, featured in the video) talking about it.

Someone put this on reddit today with the title "Every time there's a mass murder, this Charlie Brooker video needs to be reposted." Redditors often complain about sites "stealing" the stuff they (re)post. I think about this video a lot, however, and it does (tragically) need to be reposted a lot. So, y'know, for all of reddit's faults...thanks for the reminder.

Sources: redditor hakb404