29 absurdly idiotic textbook entries that will make you weep for America's education system.

29 absurdly idiotic textbook entries that will make you weep for America's education system.


BM&Y, I think they captured Internet lingo at exactly the wrong moment. UCMU!

It used to be that if a student wanted a swastika or violently sociopathic doodle drawn in his textbook, he had to show some goddamn initiative and put it in there himself. Not anymore though! Not in today's world, where everyone from parents to textbook makers hand everything to these entitled little s**ts. Oh, and don't even get us started on the "factual" information they're putting in these ridiculously expensive tomes. Just because no one but you reads the textbooks doesn't mean you can just write whatever you want in them, textbook jerks!



Weird, the link just leads back to this same page.



Of course! There's also butt size.



They just wrong over and over again.




Dick's economic choices may be influenced by being scarred for life by his own name.



Correct! Small amounts of cocaine are a great way to stay awake when you're sick of coffee.



To be fair, Lonnie was asking for it with that stupid face of his.



This is math's only real world application.




A well-prepared cat brings a parachute when he blows up the hot air balloon carrying his family.


Updated 9/8/12:


Pretty sure the question is: "How many 750 ml bottles of 'fire water' will fit in this Casino?"



Obviously the next number in the "sequence" is 0.  As in, 0 Jews.



If a truck leaves Baltimore at 9 am carrying the remains of a mob informant...


"Resuscitating" cats is how serial killers get started, you know.


And by "family," we mean Grandpa Jack.


Ha! These idiots put it under "D" instead of "S."


Racist. Everyone knows Mexicans only wear tattered, second hand charity 5K hats.


So to answer the question:  Yes, with 6 trillion people on Earth, resources will run out.


The master molecule.



It's like a Rorschach test for nerds.


You misspelled "f**king."


What? It's a custom in Japan!


"When am I ever going to use this...besides WITH YOUR MOM?"


Tom is going to measure his dick. Pssh, like you don't do it!


Trick question: Nine and five be 14!


Figure 2 shows the sober mouse taking advantage of the passed out mouse.



Someone likes to PARTAAAAY!


"No no, that's where I'm looking up the text to cut and paste into my term paper."


Equals: A violation of SEC accounting regulations.


But you already knew you weren't "normal" though, didn't you?