Almost every married couple has an in-law horror story. Thanks to a new video, even the most awkward/sordid/upsetting of the bunch can take comfort that at least their mother-in-law never found a lover under their bed. Yes, a video has surfaced of a woman in Colombia who casually discovers that her daughter-in-law is not only having an affair, but is silly enough to believe her in-law would never see her lover hiding right under the bed.

The lover is apparently one of those people who laugh at funerals, as the footage shows him smiling awkwardly when he's found hiding in the six-inch space. (To be fair, there's no rulebook for what to do when your married girlfriend's mother-in-law barges in to the apartment and catches you hiding under the bed. But there should be. And also a romcom.)


The video starts with the woman attempting to stop her mother-in-law from entering the apartment. She asks "Why did not you call me? And why do you want to come in now?"

The mother-in-law – who presumably suspected that her son was being cheated on — marched through the apartment searching for the lover, all while recording the whole thing on her phone.

When the lover gets out from under the bed (there's a phrase I don't get to write every day), she starts slapping him silly. In the footage, you can hear her yelling at both him and her-daughter-in-law to leave: "My son does not deserve that. Now, you go with him. You should leave the house Mayra." The video — which starts out as a calm-if-tension-filled search, ends up in a showdown.


Just one question remains: Will the husband take back his cheating wife who seems like she'd be a very bad teammate in hide & seek? And where will we get to watch the footage of the mother-in-law celebrating her demise?

Sources: Daily Mail