A teenager in Ontario with a rare disease is turning 19 years old.

Devin Scullion has progeria, which is a genetic disorder that causes rapid aging. He has beat the odds by surviving to the age of 19. His mother, Jamie Madley, told CTV News his survival was aided by a drug still in clinical trials that has helped slow down Devin's aging. He is the oldest person alive today with progeria.

Like most teenagers, Devin says he wants to ""Have fun in life," and wisely adds "you only have one." Both Devin and Jamie seem to have a great outlook and they stay positive. It's so moving, you'd have to be a callous jerk not to cry while listening to Devin's take on life. He likes to play video games, hang out with friends, and he says "I'm going to live, I'm going to survive this...I will kick progeria's butt. I promise you that."

Sources: CTV News