There is a time and place to get weirdly maternal, and this is not it.

"It's okay, honey. You have a whole year before we force you out." (via Newsweek)

When it comes to asylum, Germany faces a similar challenge America faces with immigration: A lot of people want to come over, but the country's infrastructure is failing to keep up with the high volume of citizenship-seekers. Just last week, the Associated Press reported that Germany received 179,037 asylum applications, more than double what they received at the same time last year. It's a shitty situation all around and the system definitely needs fixing. Like any daunting political issue, it should be dealt with using optimism and positive thinking, which is unfortunately not how German Chancellor Angela Merkel deals with a young Palestinian refugee's question about her asylum prospects during a public outreach Q&A for high schoolers.

Sources: Newsweek