Ann Coulter continued her tirade against Delta on Fox News this morning after the airline switched her pre-booked seat on a flight from New York to Florida three days ago. Seems like a reasonable hill to die on, no?

The conservative author appeared live on television to continue to complain about Delta because apparently the million tweets she has already sent out simply were not enough. At this point, we can officially call this Ann's own personal "whine tour."


In case you missed it, Coulter blasted Delta on Twitter when the airline moved her seat, one she pre-selected because it had the most leg room, to another seat with slightly less legroom following an unidentified "emergency" that forced the airline to put a woman passenger in Coulter's original seat.

Hell hath no fury like an Ann Coulter denied her extra legroom. Isn't it fun to watch racists have meltdowns?

​​​Turns out the one thing that could get people tweeting in support of an airline is Ann Coulter.

If nothing else, Ann Coulter certainly knows how to double down, and will probably be holding this grudge for days to come. Talk about a snowflake.

You can read Ann's entire Twitter rant here, although I truly don't know why you would ever want to do that to yourself.