One thing all new art teachers should be told is that normal, well-adjusted children can be extremely f*cking creepy, so don't just assume you're teaching a little psychopath in the making. (Sometimes, you totally are, though.) Here are some of the funniest, creepiest instances of kids drawing really messed up pictures.

1. Desertchoir is trying to assume the best.

A nine year old drew a very accurate picture of the playground. The swings and slides were depicted just as they are. He also added all the other campers The picture was well done and I would have loved it if not for the fact that every child in the picture had limbs askew and red pools around their heads and torsos. I asked the boy what he drew.

He told me, 'they all got hurt.' He said, 'I'm here' and pointed to an empty spot on the page. Then he said, 'and you're there too Miss dersertchoir', and pointed to one of the ruined bodies. He had a single father who was a MMA fighter. I assume he just watched a lot of gory things because he was otherwise a very nice child.