They would be added to Georgia's Stone Mountain.

Artist's rendition of potential Outkast addition.
(via Mack Williams)

Artist Mack Williams has started a petition to add Outkast to the Confederate Memorial on Stone Mountain. He officially registered the endeavor at, and has already topped 10,000 signatures. The memorial at Stone Mountain has drawn more criticism recently, especially following the unofficial and official removal of the Confederate battle flag at the South Carolina capital.

It's hard to say whether defenders of this particular memorial would be more enraged by its outright removal or by the addition of Big Boi and André 3000. It could be an opportunity to give a dated carving a "so fresh and so clean" makeover. However, unlike official state-sanctioned symbols, the Stone Mountain Memorial Association operates the park as a Confederate museum. It is operated with revenue, not state tax dollars. Plus the Georgia Legislature would need to approve any changes to the park. So while this would be outright hilarious, there isn't a chance of it happening.

Sources: The AV Club