Security software company Avast processed a sample of Ashley Madison account passwords and it's very revealing.

"Hmm, what's the most obvious thing I could write here?"
"Hmm, what's the most obvious thing I could write here?"

No one would want strangers peaking into their password history, but considering what else has been revealed about people since cheating website Ashley Madison got hacked, this seems like small potatoes. Very funny small potatoes. Avast didn't process all 36 million accounts, because it would take a gazillion monkeys typing on computers for a billion years, but they did the first million and then released the top 20 passwords chosen by cheating hopefuls. They are:

1: 123456
2: password
3: 12345
4: 12345678
5: qwerty
6: pussy
7: secret
8: dragon
9: welcome
10: ginger
11: sparky
12: helpme
13: blowjob
14: nicole
15: justin
16: camaro
17: johnson
18: yamaha
19: midnight
20: chris

Sources: Avast