Victoria Taylor, aka /u/chooter, was the Reddit employee who coordinated Reddit's famous "Ask Me Anything" mass interviews with celebrities, experts, presidents, and many others. In the wake of her firing, much of the site shut down in protest.

/u/chooter, we hardly knew 'er. (via Reddit)

Last night, without warning or explanation, the suits who run—the messy-yet-indispensable "front page of the Internet"—fired Victoria Taylor, the site's Director of Talent.

Here is Victoria helping Eli Manning answer questions from the Internet. This is a pretty perfect one-picture description of her job. (via Reddit)

Although that was her official title, she was better known as Victoria the Person Who Coordinated All The Important AMA Interviews. "AMA" stands for "Ask Me Anything," and these were big, crazy interviews conducted between the Reddit community at large and...anyone who wanted to do one. The leading theory right now is that Reddit's executives wanted to monetize these more—i.e. "Ask Me Anything, Because I Paid For This Interview" and Victoria was resistant.