Everybody poops, but not everybody poops in public. People on Reddit are telling the tales of messing up and get away with it, many of which involve shitting themselves in public spaces. Here are some inspiring tales of messing up, fleeing the scene, and surprisingly getting away with it.

These people after their deeds. (And after confessing them on the Internet.)
These people after their deeds.
(And after confessing them on the Internet.)

1. Every party has a pooper, to rscott89's chagrin.

I was at a party in college when I felt that sudden and unmistakable rumble of an on coming beer shit. I ran off to the bathroom and managed to slip in unnoticed. With the door locked and my anonymity intact I proceeded to do horrible, unspeakable things to that toilet. I was in there for maybe about 15 minutes, which during a beer filled college binge-fest is a life time for the bathroom to be occupied. The line had grown outside the door, with people pounding away trying to get in before they pissed themselves. When I finished, the stench was unspeakable, and any attempt to flush would have been a fools errand. With most of the angry voices outside the door being female, I knew walking out through the door and owning my shame was not an option. So I climbed through the window and walked to a near by gas station to pick up a case of beer in order to conceal my absence as nothing more than a beer run. I walked back into the party with no one the wiser to my involvement into what had evolved into the legend of the midnight mystery pooper.